Bahtinov Mask Drawings Generator

This is Bahtinov Mask generator. Cloudynights thread
Programmed by Satoru Takagi.

If you are interested in collimation, you may consider the tri-bahtinov mask.

Focal Length :
Outer Diameter : Aperture
Inner Diameter : Central Obstruction
:Build boundary stem :Equalize Upper & Lower areas
:Use 3rd order spectrum
Bartinov Factor: inW: outW: :Rounding

SVG Source

Download using upper buton or copy following source text and save as
[maskName].svg using text editor, and open it by inkscape.

If you want a DXF file, you can export the DXF with Inkscape's "Save As". Provided, to maintain scale,
you should change the base unit to "mm" or "in" in the options dialog that appears.